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Need a Plumber in Victor Harbor to Clear a Clogged Pipe?

If you have water backing up and overflowing out of your drain then you have a Blocked drain.

Even if the water is taking more time to go down the drain then it is likely that very soon, the drain will become completely blocked.

If one drain is blocked that can lead to other drains becoming blocked as well.

Clearing a Blocked Drain in the Kitchen Sink

In time, the toilet bowl might fill up and all your waste will be floating toward the edge of the bowl, ready to flow onto your bathroom floor.

If it’s urgent then give us a call now, there are 24/7 emergency plumbers on call at Plumber Victor Harbor.

The plumber that comes to clear your drain will use various tools to diagnose the cause and location of the drain blockage.

The causes of your blockage can include:

  • Fat from Melted Oils in your Pan
  • Fiber and Hair Mixed with Other Materials
  • Fat and Greases Mixed with Food Leftovers
  • Dirt, Calcium, and Rust
  • Women’s Sanitary Products
  • Kids Toys and Various Unusual Objects
  • Sticks, branches and Leaf Litter
  • Building Movement
  • Dated and broken pipes which allow plant roots to grow into the pipe
  • Rodents, Insects and other Fauna building nests

These are some of the things that can lead to blocked drains. The best way to avoid blocked drain problems is to avoid putting stuff down the drain.

However, if you have kids or long hair your drains will inevitably become blocked over time.

If you have a filter on your drain where the plug goes then you are halfway there when it comes to keeping your drain clean.

You could also avoid washing cooking fat down the drain as it solidifies and mixes with scraps and hair which will block your drain rather quickly.

Basically, anything that you put in the toilet that is not toilet paper can cause a drain blockage.

Some sanitation products can cause a blockage in the toilet.

In addition, think about the position when you plant a tree Where are your underground pipes located. Best not to plant them too close.

Types of blockages that our plumbers clear:

  • Kitchen Sink Blockage
  • Shower Drainage Slow or Blocked
  • Blocked Storm Water Pipe
  • Blocked Sewer Drain

The best way to recognize the telltale signs that your drain or pipe is about to become blocked is to pay attention to these things:

  • Slow water drainage in shower or sink.
  • Water level rising in your Toilet on flushing
  • The pungent smell coming out of your drain or sewer
  • Gurgling noise in your drain, indicating slow drainage
  • Overflowing drain when excess water pours into the drain
  • Water appearing in depressions in your yard
  • Remarkably green grass in individual spots in your yard


These are some of the signs that can pre-warn us of a potential blocked drain in the future. Then it can be fixed and it never becomes a problem or an emergency, potentially damaging your home and risking your families health. Save money with preventative maintenance by calling our expert plumbers to repair the potential problem.

If a blocked drain appears without showing signs and you did not realize that there could be a potential problem creating an emergency, you may need a blocked drain plumber to attend to your problem quickly. Call Plumber Victor Harbor Now

Some of the equipment used to unblock drains can include:


CCTV allows the visual assessment of the blockage putting a camera in the drain.

This can help the plumber decide what course of action to take in regards to what equipment the plumber uses to actually clear the drain.

Location of the Pipe

Probably the next thing the plumber might do to unblock the drain is to implement a pipe locator.

This is a piece of equipment that will detect electrical signals emitted from the tip of the CCTV camera.

This indicates the location of the blockage and the depth.

High Powered Water Jet

A high powered water jet is also known as a hydro-jet which will generally blast through most blockage materials and clear the obstacle.

This is a good initial choice which generally won’t damage your pipes.

A hydro-jet can blast through many things including dirt, plant roots or similar solid objects.

Electric Drain Cleaner

A Plumber’s Snake (Mind out of the Gutter) is also known as an electric drain cleaner.

This is usually a last resort due to strong tree roots entangled within the drain which is difficult to clear with the hydro-jet.

The Plumbers Snake has sharp blades attached to the head of the flex-cable extending from an electrically motorized wheel spinning the flexible cable.

Why I say that this is not the first go to is because the plumber’s snake might break part of the pipeline with its whirling blades.

Best used in broken steel or baked clay pipes which may have plant roots entangling through the pipes and anchoring themselves on the cracks.

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