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Best Hot Water Systems Available

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Need a Hot Water System Repaired or Replaced?

We are your Local Victor Harbor Hot Water Systems Plumber, who can help you decide whether you need to repair or replace your hot water system.

We will never tell you to replace your system if it can be repaired and will give you all the options

There are a few hot water systems that you can go for which can be a major decision based on efficiency and cost. Our local Victor Harbor plumbers are experts on all the different types of hot water systems.

Replacement of Hot Water System

What is the Best Water Heating System to Install in Victor Harbor?

There are a few hot water systems that are available depending on whether you have Gas to your property and what you already have fitted.

The categories include:

  • Electric Hot Water System
  • Gas Hot Water System
  • Solar Hot Water System
  • Quantum Electric Heat Pump

These main Hot Water System categories have some subcategories,


Gas Hot Water System

  • Gas Water Tank Storage (Mains Water Pressure)
  • Continuous Flow Instant Hot Water

Electric Hot Water Systems:

  • Immersed Electric Element Hot Water Heaters

Solar Hot Water Systems:

  • Split System
  • Close-Coupled

Electric Quantum Heat Pump:

  • Use a heat exchanger
  • Works similar to an air conditioner – reverse cycle air
  • Sucks hot air through the system even when it’s cold

The most economical hot water system is a gas hot water system – continuous flow type, which is fairly cheap to run compared to other systems.

If you already have an Electric hot water system fitted and need to replace it, you can not replace it with an electric hot water system as it is illegal unless you don’t have gas leading to your property.

Your replacement options are:

  1.  Gas 5-star hot water system
  2.  Solar hot water
  3. Quantum Heat pump system

Your Local Victor Harbor Plumber can help you choose a Hot Water System that will suit your needs best.

There is a government rebate of $500 for changing from your old Electric Hot Water System to a new Gas Hot Water System.

Plumber Victor Harbor can usually mend your system on the same day because as a rule, the main brand name parts are kept within the van. If the system cannot be repaired, then a new hot water unit can generally be organized within 24 hours.

There are numerous types, models, and brands to select from and Plumber Victor Harbor can recommend the best system for your requirements.

If your existing hot water system is electric and you have gas to your property then the most likely option is for gas storage or continuous flow unit.

Even if you don’t have gas to your property we can set up a gas system that runs off gas bottles that you can hire. Thus you would qualify for a $500 rebate.

If gas already passes outside the front of your property then your local Victor Harbor Plumber can arrange a new gas line from the side of the road to your new meter for free.

The modern gas hot water system that you have purchased can be fitted by your Victor Harbor plumber/gasfitter when the gas pipe is joined.

On-Demand Hot Water Gas Systems

With On-demand Gas hot water systems otherwise known as instant gas hot water systems in Victor Harbor, are recognized by studies as the most energy efficient.

This system turns on the gas that ignites instantly via the pilot light as the hot water tap gets turned on. The water subsequently flows through the copper heat exchanger.

The gas element then immediately shuts off as the tap is shut off. The energy is only used when needed producing a more economical hot water system that is not constantly keeping a tank of water hot.

Modern instant gas hot water systems use an electronic gas light that does not blow out in high winds, eliminating the need to go outside in the cold to re-light the pilot light.

This electronic system also saves on additional gas as the pilot light is not continuously burning.

The clear advantage, apart from not having to keep a tank of water hot is that the hot water never runs out as you may have experienced from a storage hot water system when you are the last to take a shower at night and get a cold shower.

Also, this system requires very little servicing and the modern systems can be temperature controlled from a pad inside your bathroom.

Flow Volume chart for On-Demand System
# of Hot Taps turned on ConcurrentlyVolume of Flow (litres per minute)

Gas Hot Water Storage Systems

The Gas storage hot water system works by having a gas element beneath the water tank. The rate of gas flow is regulated by a thermostat which measures the temperature of the water within the tank. The pilot light is constantly burning and costs about $50-$100 per year to run.

The kind of tank that stores can be either mild steel stainless steel. Mild steel tanks need a Zinc ingot within the tank which decays before the tank itself corrodes, protecting the tank from rust. The zink ingot needs to be exchanged every couple of years to prevent mild steel tank from rusting. A stainless steel tank doesn’t need a zinc anode so there is less maintenance required and the tank lasts longer.

To prevent legionella’s disease, the thermostat is set at 60 degrees. A Gas storage hot water heater loses heat all over, so this is the reason that the tank storage type of hot water system is not as economical as the on-demand gas hot water type system.

Your Victor Harbor plumber can fix your hot water system or fit a modern continuous flow system if your current system is beyond repair.

Hot Water Gas Storage size chart
Quantity of household membersSize (litres)


Electric Hot Water Systems

If you want to get your electric hot water system replaced in Victor Harbor and you currently have a gas pipeline running past your property you will have no choice but to go with a gas or other more efficient hot water system such as a 5 Star gas hot water system, Solar or Heat Pump based on government policy. These types of systems are way more efficient anyway and will save you money over the long term.

However, If you have an electric hot water system in the roof cavity then if you want to, you can replace it with another electric hot water system within that roof cavity but I would recommend going for a more efficient system anyway.

Electric Immersion Element Hot Water Systems

The electric Immersion element type hot water system heats the tank water using an immersed electric component. A temperature control thermostat keeps the water at a constant temperature.

The best electric style hot water system heats the water during off-peak electricity times, however, a larger tank is required to store the water until the next off-peak period. This system comes with either a single or double element depending on how much water needs to be heated over the interpeak off-peak time. This type of hot water system is pretty expensive economically.

Is there any reason to go for an Electric System?

Although the primary cost of an electric hot water system in Victor Harbor will probably be cheaper, the only reason you might have to choose an electric hot water system would be if you don’t have gas. But there are other options to overcome this obstacle. Nevertheless, you can buy an electric hot water system up to 250L only if you don’t have gas going past your property.

Solar Hot Water Systems

If you are taking into consideration the possibility of fitting a solar hot water system in Victor Harbor, you can choose from two types that are available. Which are:

  • Split System. (Separate tank).
  • Close coupled System (Complete).

The solar hot water system generally has an electric booster which accounts for days when there is not enough sun. The other type of booster is gas. Generally, Solar hot water systems cost less to operate but the installation costs take several years to recuperate.

For those that are worried about climate change, this system will set your mind at ease and will save about 25% of household energy. The government rebate will help with the initial cost of installation.

The two types of panel are either flat panel or the evacuated tube type of solar panel. You should probably consider an evacuated tube panel as it transfers the heat directly to the water and individual tubes can be replaced. Additionally evacuated tube panels are the easiest to fit, don’t need as much maintenance and don’t corrode or damage from frost.

An Estimate of the size of the Solar Hot Water System that you might need is below:

  • 1 – 2 persons = 150 – 220L required
  • 3 – 4 persons = 220 – 300L required
  • 5 + persons = 300 + L required

The most popular existing solar brands are Bosch, Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Conergy Solar, Equinox and Aquamax.

Electric Quantum Heat Pump

The Quantum electric heat pump works just like a reverse cycle air conditioner by sucking up warm air outside and passing the air through a heat exchanger. Even on cold days this system works pretty well and is fairly efficient.

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