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If you need a Plumber Middleton we can help you! Although we are based a few K’s away our plumbers are happy to go the extra mile for you as our valued customer, so don’t think twice before calling us. A Middleton Plumber will be there pretty quickly if necessary. We probably already have somebody nearby at Port Elliot.

Plumber Middleton

Plumber Victor Harbor services the Middleton area. Before I became the owner of Plumber Victor Harbor, I used to live in Middleton for quite a few years and called a plumber Middleton a few times to deal with the septic. It was great there were virtually no houses on the beachfront at the time and you could walk straight down to the beach for a surf anytime and I had a great view of the surf from my front yard. That great sunset pic by Mike Seyfang.

Sadly whoever bought those beach side blocks which I could not afford built two-story houses all along.

Partly the council’s fault for allowing it but they also did not make any walkways in between so after a few years I was unable to walk straight down the beach for a surf and had to make a huge detour to go down to the car park for what was known in the surfing community as Day Street.

I don’t think its called that anymore, especially by the younger crowd.

Eventually, I moved away for the big smoke, to try and make my fortune. But I’m back with no fortune, but I hope to be able to buy again in Middleton. Never should have sold that place. Thanks for reading about my rambling regrets.

But I’ll be back, I’m saving my pennies and doing my best to grow this business so that I can live the dream as a Middleton Plumber again.

So you see I’m kind of a local, so don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to help.

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